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It is important for both Covanta and our client companies to ensure that disposal services are environmentally-compliant and secure: We want to make sure that your waste meets our strict handling criteria. You want to make sure that your company’s employees, shareholders and regulators are happy with your waste disposal choice.

Toward this end, the forms and documents available here ensure that you have correctly profiled and characterized your waste material. 

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Schedule a Pickup or Delivery

Once your company has received written notification from Covanta that its materials have been approved, you can schedule a waste pick-up from your site.

Please contact your Covanta Account Executive at 800-950-8749 to work with you to ensure necessary form completion, schedule transportation, confirm pick-up date and time and drop-off time at the applicable Covanta facility. 

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Customer Resources

All materials must be packaged to meet Covanta's criteria based on anticipated handling requirements specific to the particular waste material. Since each Covanta facility has different capabilities, handling requirements may also vary. The following general resources will assist you when preparing your materials for delivery.

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