Building a Great Place to Work

Covanta’s leadership in developing sustainable solutions for society and the environment means that we attract people who seek more than simply a job and paycheck. Covanta’s employees come to the company wanting to make a positive difference in the world.

We encourage employee commitment to advancing sustainable waste and energy solutions, and we emphasize creativity and collaboration across our global workplaces. We provide our employees with competitive benefits, training, recognition and opportunities for career advancement.

Providing Operational Qualification Programs

Covanta’s industry-leading operator and maintenance qualification programs help ensure that our employees are equipped to perform their jobs both safely and efficiently. Our areas of focus for these programs include electrical qualification, boiler operations and power generation fundamentals, among others. Beyond assuring that we meet local, state and federal certification requirements, these programs establish a clear, consistent path to personal development and career advancement.

Supporting Employee Growth

Through Covanta’s Performance Management process, managers and employees review individual strengths, development opportunities and career goals.

We offer opportunities for employees to strengthen core competencies and improve their supervisory, managerial and leadership skills. Employee can take advantage of structured training sessions, learning resources, financial support for continuing education and on-the-job training.

We’re all about excellence, especially when it comes to the services we provide and the relationships we build. Our ILIFT (Innovation, Leadership, Initiative, Flexibility and Teamwork) employee recognition program helps to create a culture of appreciation at Covanta.

Encouraging Employee Health through a Non-Smoking and Tobacco-Free Policy

Covanta is dedicated to providing a safe, healthy and productive work environment for all of our employees, as well as customers, visitors, vendors and contractors. We believe that tobacco use is harmful to the health of the user and to the health of those who may be affected by secondary smoke. To underscore our commitment, Covanta entities are smoke- and tobacco-free environments, contributing to a clean-air environment while employees, customers, visitors, vendors and contractors are within that environment.